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In our opinion, the wine is made in the vineyard. The precise day to harvest, after a season of carefully cared for and hand selected clusters is the secret to great wine-making.

We use stainless steel to ferment and age our white and Rosé wines. Our red wines are aged in a combination of American, French and sometimes Hungarian oak. However, our Pilot Fog offering, made of Cynthiana grapes is barrel aged exclusively in 100% new American Oak.

About the Proprietors

Born in Malden Massachusetts JW grew up working in his parents’ breakfast nook and catering business with his family. After serving in the US Army, JW returned to working in the food and beverage industry at some of the most highly rated hotels in Boston, Miami Beach, and Miami. From vineyard management to appreciating the last drop in every wine bottle he consumed in those early years, JW became enchanted with the winemaking process. Over the years JW asked copious questions during every vineyard visit around the world, read scores of books on the subject and trained his palate.

After spending decades in the financial services and software industry, JW and his wife Kristen, along with their two sons Joey & Logan (JOLO), had the opportunity to finally grow grapes and make wine!

When moving to North Carolina JW worked closely with Sean McRitchie, founder of McRitchie Winery and Cider Works, who mentored JW during the years JOLO’s vines were getting established. Finally in 2013, JOLO’s first vintage, JW had the opportunity to apply decades of research, development and trust in his own palate to make his very first vintage of world-class wine.

Since that time, JOLO has become one of North Carolina’s most acclaimed vineyards, producing some of the most highly rated wines on the East Coast.

Kristen and JW

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