JOLO Winery & Vineyards Upgrades Wine Cork Closures

November 2018

In our constant strive to provide the highest quality products and service we have upgraded our cork closures to the highest grade on the market. To our knowledge, we are the first in Yadkin Valley to standardize on this cork.

You will notice the corks now have the vintage date stamped on them. Our goal is to prevent our wine from being compromised as it is aged and stored in the bottle. Studies show that 7-10% of all wines using natural corks are infected with TCA, which gives the wine a musty or wet dog type of smell. Wine Spectator Magazine describes TCA as 2,4,6-trichloroanisole, a chemical so powerful that even in infinitesimal amounts it can cause musty aromas and flavors in wines. The compound forms through the interaction of plant phenols, chlorine, and mold. It most frequently occurs in natural corks (TCA can even form on tree bark) and is transferred to the wine in the bottle–which is why wines with these off-aromas are often called “corky.”

We started with the 2018 Golden Hallows using the same Diam cork as the higher end Bordeaux and California wines have migrated to. They ain’t cheap either! But you are worth it! Nothing worse than opening your favorite bottle of wine after a great breakfast to find it corked! 🙂

Diam Bouchage has always been an innovative company; every year, it allocates a substantial budget to research and development.

In 2003, the company began investing in a revolutionary, patented process, called the DIAMANT® process that uses the properties of supercritical CO2 to extract the volatile compounds of cork and eradicate the molecules responsible for giving a taste to the wine, especially those causing “cork taint”.

Twelve years later, the company made yet another breakthrough in major technological progress with the launch of Origine by Diam®, a closure that reconciles science and nature, integrating a beeswax emulsion and binding agent composed of 100% plant-derived polyols.

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