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Our Varietals


The fruit varietals being grown in JOLO vineyards have been carefully selected based upon the rain, sun, temperature and soil type found in and around the Yadkin Valley and of course, the capriciousness of the spring time weather here in the Yadkin Valley. As European winemakers learned throughout the centuries, certain varieties thrive in certain climates. When properly paired, they provide a mesmerizing terroir that can only be duplicated in that area, with that variety.

Ready to sample?  JOLO currently has many great JOLO offerings ready to sample in our JOLO Tasting Lodge or as an accompaniment to lunch at End Posts.

Estate Grown White Varietals

  • Vidal Blanc
  • Traminette

Estate Grown Red Varietals

  • Cynthiana (Norton)
  • Chambourcin

JOLO on a very selective basis, purchases other varieties from local vineyards committed to responsible farming. JOLO only purchases the best fruit available for blending and extending our product line to provide our guests wines filled with style & finesse that pay homage to the JOLO label.

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